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I see you! You look in the mirror and see the visible signs of aging staring back at you! You are at a stage in life when the stress and toxicity of your marriage has literally drained the life out of you.

You feel like you haven’t reached your full potential yet, but you don’t know how to start to find your authentic self again.

With Suzi’s signature Thrive and Renew Programme, you will spend only 30 days to disrupt this aging cycle.

Learn easy and effective ways to start to heal, and get fitter and stronger in body, mind and spirit.

Empowerment and Well-being Coach...

As your Empowerment and Well-being Coach, Suzi gives you personalised steps to follow to overcome any limiting self-beliefs you may have that are hanging onto you from your past.

None of us can thrive alone, we all need someone we relate to, with a similar lived experience to mentor and guide us. This is for you if…

  • You are navigating out of challenging times like a divorce
  • You hate the word “OLD” and how society seems to make women become invisible after the age of 40?
  • You look in the mirror and no longer look vital, but tired and stressed.
  • You dream of being a more empowered and confident version of yourself?
  • You find that you make excuses for not participating fully in life? Because you have given so much of yourself to your marriage and have little left for yourself?
  • You are interested in learning easy and fun ways to having a fitter, stronger and more supple body?
  • You want to learn about the communication tactics that have been used against you, so that it will never happen again.
  • You would like to learn how to have mastery of your mind? To really believe that you are enough!
  • You would like to rediscover your true authentic self.

Don't waste anymore of your life feeling disempowered. It’s your time to shine! Take the challenge! Step into your Youthful Power and change your Life!!

Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency ...


Learn how to Live Your Best Life and Reach Your Full Potential. Raise your Confidence, Upgrade Your Fitness, Enhance Your Communication Skills and Understand Why Mind Mastery is So Important in Self Empowerment!


About me...

Who Is Suzi Dent?

Suzi is a Multi-Award-Winning Film and Television Hair, Makeup and Special Effects Artist, an Entrepreneurial Business Owner, Author of the books 60 is the New 40: The Ultimate Guide to Defying Age and Bare Naked and Beautiful, and she is also an International Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker.

Considered by many as The Expert in Media Presentation Skills – As your coach, Suzi helps guide you into getting your story out to the world.

She is a Mother, an ex-wife, an Empowerment and Well-Being Coach, a Model, and Mrs Earth Australia 2017.

Working in the creative world of film and tv as a hair and makeup artist, Suzi has educated and mentored the women she employed through her hair and makeup agency to succeed in business at all levels.

Over the last four decades, Suzi has lifted the self-esteem and confidence of thousands using her make-up brushes, curling wand, and her inspirational words.

Suzi was also a witness in the sexual assault trial of an international British star, rolf harris. This case was part of Operation Yewtree, conducted by Scotland Yard and the Met Police that took many famous and powerful entertainers to court for historical sex crimes. The first case of its kind to listen and hear victim/survivors of historical sex crimes, it is instrumental in changing society as we knew it.

This has made Suzi Dent one of our founding women warriors before the #metoo movement, the biggest global healing movement the world has ever seen.

Suzi also had a successful natural therapies cosmetic company for nearly 8 years where she created and manufactured a range of aromatherapy skin and body care and a lipstick range called base cosmetics.

Suzi has to date, been featured in two international documentaries in the UK, where her views on the societal changes brought about by the famous court case are sought by the media.

Interviewed on dozens of current affairs tv programs, in magazine articles, newspapers and huge podcasts both in Australia and the UK, in 2023 She was called the Voice for Millions by the UK press.

Suzi has been an Empowerment and Well-Being Coach and Mentor for over 4 decades. She is passionate about helping others find their authentic selves and navigate through challenging times in life. She draws on real life experiences and shares in an honest and transparent way, believing that through telling our stories, we create a solidarity of shared experiences that help us heal.

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You don't want to be where you are

Step fully into the Empowered You that you have always dreamed of being.

Discover that age really is just a number, not the reason you are not living your dream life…

Joining the Thrive and Renew challenge, is your first step in truly realising your dreams.

Suzi is so full of life and vitality and is a joyous, beautiful, high vibrating soul who lives to elevate others.

The online workshop is an uplifting coaching program, with a daily video and a full colour workbook. You gain a lifetime membership and join other empowered women from around the world in a truly uplifting community. This course is specifically designed for women like you, and it covers three growth pillars: mindset, physical, and communication.

"Suzi gave me the confidence to believe that I could go after a lead role, that I could do it."
Brea Kingsland


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Thrive and Renew

30 Day Empowerment Journey, With Suzi’s signature, 30 Day Thrive and Renew Challenge, you will spend only 30 days transforming your life.”

What you'll learn...


Skin and haircare tips from this multi-award winning celebrity stylist with nearly 4 decades of experience.


Easy exercise techniques from Suzi who became a dance fitness instructer at the age of 46.


Easy and effective ways to get fitter and stronger in body and mind.


Craft a life of abundance by nurturing strong communication skills and a positive, resilient mindset.

I've been where you are.
But not anymore...

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way...

Divorcing my husband after 30 years together was a decision I made to free us both from the toxic relationship we were in. One of my turning points was realizing that I loved him more than I loved myself. Tolerating the last 10 years of emotional and mental abuse, his temper tantrums, and anger, my heart would beat really fast, and I would be filled with fear until I would start to faint. Loving someone is not enough, especially when they are a substance abuser.

I never dreamed that I would come out of my marriage with my soulmate, with no property, and massive debt. However, I decided to choose me! I hadn’t reached my full potential on this planet, so I started working on myself, listening to motivational speakers, and building my self-esteem. I focused on the things I could control—my health, my fitness, my mind.

The universe presented me with a challenge that was far beyond my comfort zone, ultimately curing me of my long-standing low self-esteem and fear of wearing dresses for three decades. Along this transformative journey, I evolved from those limitations to become an international beauty queen—Mrs. Earth Australia 2017 at the age of 55. This remarkable transformation saw me shedding the layers of insecurity to reveal my true, authentic self, elevating my self-esteem from its lowest point to equal my high self-confidence.”

This journey gave me the strength to divorce him.

Now, I live a life free of the constraints of another’s mood swings and control. Healing so much, the doors of motivational speaking and international media interviews opened to me, where I use my experiences to help others overcome obstacles in their lives.

It’s this extraordinary journey—from the depths of discomfort to the pinnacle of self-confidence—that fuels my passion for sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired. Through the ‘Thrive and Renew’ course, I’m eager to impart lessons learned about mindset, communication, manifestation, gratitude, and faith.

I believe that true transformation is born from stepping outside our comfort zones, facing challenges head-on, and embracing the discomfort that leads to authentic self-discovery.

My experiences, spanning divorce, personal growth, and beauty pageantry, have shaped my commitment to guide others on their own paths of thriving, renewing, and unlocking their full potential. Together, let’s embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation.”

Suzi has rebuilt my confidence and been an amazing coach and mentor after a photoshoot that shattered my confidence.
- Kyra Mulheran

Are you ready to learn how to live your best life and reach your full potential

Then this course is for you if you want to...


For a limited time only...

Join the Thrive and Renew challenge course NOW!

Take control of your life and start feeling fit, young, and vital again, develop a growth mindset, improve your physical health and appearance, learn effective communication strategies, overcome limiting beliefs, achieve your goals, and build meaningful relationships

What you will be getting when you enroll in the Thrive and Renew challenge Now!

So... what exactly will you learn?

This is what you'll get!

You’ll get a variety of resources, including video lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable guides. The course is designed to be flexible, so you can work through it at your own pace and revisit modules as needed.

Overall, the “Thrive and renew  Course” is a comprehensive program that will empower you to take control of your life and feel your best at any age. Don’t wait any longer to start living your best life!

Sounds good, right?

So... how does it work?


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Let's take action!

Now its time to take action, follow the activities for each day and become the best version of yourself in a truly uplifiting community.


Picture this: it’s 30 days, 1 month from today. Imagine waking up every morning feeling reinvigorated, happy, and ready to take on the day. You feel more confident and fulfilled in your personal life, leading to a greater sense of happiness and contentment. Picture yourself pursuing new hobbies, exploring new places, and connecting with new people who share your zest for life.

You have a deeper connection and more meaningful interactions with your children and partner, filled with positivity and joy. When you step on the scale, you are over 5 kilos lighter, your clothes are looser, and you have a huge smile on your face. Looking in the mirror, your skin is glowing, you appear visibly younger, and your eyes are sparkling.

Your body is stronger, more toned, and you have abundant energy. You love how you feel inside your body, and your confidence is higher than it has been in years. People are commenting in droves, saying, “What have you done? You look amazing!” You are glowing from within, and the inner you is shining out. You look so happy! How did you do it?

You feel like people are listening to you, and you feel light, joyous, and happy. This is the result we are creating together in The Thrive and renew challenge Mastery Program. It’s time, and you are so worth it. You are not too old to look and feel fabulous.

This is a 30-day intimate journey where you will master how to live life as your best possible self, full of energy and vitality. It’s time. This is your second act; youthful energy and vitality are yours for the taking. Take action and embrace your fabulous self now!

Are you ready...?

Thrive and renew challenge course

This is the result we are creating together in The Age Disruptor: Thrive and renew challenge Mastery Program.

It’s time. You are so worth it. You are not too old to look and feel fabulous.

This is a 30-day intimate journey where you will master how to live life as your best possible self, full of energy and vitality!

$333 AUD


By the end of the Thrive and Renew challenge Mastery Programme, you will have transformed yourself into a more confident, self-assured, and fitter version of you. You will have enhanced mind mastery and improved communication skills that you put into practice every day, thereby transforming important relationships around you. You will emerge as a woman who embraces aging with a positive mindset, glowing with vitality and joy, and exuding the poise and confidence that you deserve as you navigate through menopause, blossoming into the beautiful butterfly queen you are destined to be. You will live a life that is full and rich, befitting the woman you are.

Are you ready...?

Thrive and renew challenge course

This is the result we are creating together in The Thrive and renew challenge Mastery Program.

It’s time. You are so worth it. You are not too old to look and feel fabulous.

This is a 30-day intimate journey where you will master how to live life as your best possible self, full of energy and vitality!

$333 AUD

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